3M ADHESIVE SPRY GEN PURP 10.25OZ 45 CAN [0824086]

  • Brand: 3M
  • Product Code: 0824086
  • Model: 45
  • UPC: 021200962622
  • $5.99

  • 3M ADHESIVE SPRY GEN PURP 10.25OZ 45 CAN [0824086]
Bonds a wide variety of lightweight materials including paper, cardboard, plastic films, foam, and fiberglass insulation. Exhibits quick grab so parts can be joined without delay. Covers up to 70 sq. ft. per can. Photo safe.
CompositionAcetone, Cyclohexane, Propane
Size11 oz
Packing TypeAerosol Can
Flash Point-137 deg F
V OC Content59 %
Odor ScentMild Solvent
Drying Time30 min
Specific Gravity0.81
StandardsOSHA 29 CFR 191.12
Flammability Rating4
Application MethodSpray
  • Use for crafts
  • Use for light jobs around the office
  • Adhesive is ph neutral
  • It is a photo safe adhesive
  • Low voc spray for added safety

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