21ST CENTURY BLACK LANTERN #20 210-21000 [6981708]

  • Brand: 21ST CENTURY
  • Product Code: 6981708
  • Model: 210-21000
  • UPC: 755061210003
  • $17.99

  • 21ST CENTURY BLACK LANTERN #20 210-21000 [6981708]
Painted enamel high gloss color with brass plated trim. Burns common lamp oil, citronella for repelling insects, or kerosene. Used for outdoor lighting needs, camping, hunting, or indoors for accent lighting and during power failures. 12oz. fuel capacity; uses 1/2" wick to produce 8 candle power of light and burn approximately 30 hours. 5-1/2"H x 2-3/8"DT x 2-13/16"DB clear globe.
Special Features12 hr Burn Time, 9 oz Fuel Capacity, 9 cp Candle Power, L85-08 Glass Globe, L02 Wick, Brass Trim
TypeOil, Pathfinder
UsageFor Camping, Emergency Lighting or Even Repelling Bugs
  • Replacement glass globe from 21st: L85-08 and wick: L02
  • Burns kerosene, lamp oil, citronella, and liquid paraffin

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